When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel heavy pressure in deciding which direction you will go. It can be an extremely difficult time as it is, and having to make a potentially life-changing decision doesn't help. That's why taking the time to learn more about your pregnancy options is so important. We exist to provide you accurate, helpful information about each option. We do not benefit financially by your choice. We simply want to provide a judgment free environment, where our caring staff are able to help you.

Before getting any type of abortion, it is important to first seek a medical consultation and diagnosis. Receiving an ultrasound before scheduling your abortion can help you confirm your pregnancy, determine whether or not your pregnancy is even viable (whether or not you will miscarry), and determine which abortion clinic procedures are based on your gestational age. By receiving a free ultrasound, you will have a safe and private environment where you can ask questions, learn your options, and determine which choice is right for you.

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